Blog Contributors

Would you be interested in becoming a contributor to our HOA Blog? 

Recently I had a conversation with one of our neighbors who post regular updates on Facebook related to weather. He expressed interest in helping us out by posting weather updates regularly to keep content fresh on our blog. (Thanks Corey!) Check out the Blog category for Weather, click here. Each time a new post is added, it will appear on the main blog feed and the weather category.  Some of our residents don’t use Social Media, and may find it useful to get updates from our Website.

Blogging is not the same as posting an update or photo on Facebook or Instagram. Think of a blog like a magazine or news paper, with many authors who contribute content from a different perspective that readers may find interesting. We have a very large community here in the lakes, and I’m confident many who have talents or skills they would be happy to share or talk about with our community. 

Would you be interested in contributing, or finding out how you can help? Please submit your information on the form below, and I’ll reach out to you and continue the conversation.

If you have been to our Website before, you may notice it has undergone some visual improvements. With enough community support and traffic to the website, the long term goal is to have our own network of website contributors, moderators, and a protected area of content accessible to only authenticated residents. 

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