Election Results

Good Evening, The votes have been tallied and thanks to everyone who participated and voted in this year’s election. The new board is currently arranging a meeting time and location, and will announce that here once nailed down. The format will likely be the same as years past with a meeting every other month at a set day, location, and time. Additionally, the plan is to have an immediate meeting on an upcoming Saturday so as to allow more residents to attend as we have an open forum for any/all matters to be discussed. Again, more to come once schedules have been arranged.

Penultimate, the $300 assessment seems to be a subject of concern/confusion. Trust me, no one is excited about writing a check. So while the board could have said we need money and left it at that, we put it up for a neighborhood vote. As many have stated, this is not an elective expenditure by the board, but rather a government mandated one. So there is really only one way to vote in good faith without causing additional issue(s) down the road… hence the “yes” as the only option aside from abstaining. Unfortunately, the financial burden falls to current residents to address and make right. The former board did their best to ease the burden on your bank account while simultaneously balancing proper controls and standards to which the levee will be maintained. I wish i could say this would be the last of it, but this is phase 1 in the solution. However, it should give us what we need to appease the regulatory bodies and other interested parties. As such, we need money in the bank to book a contractor and get this monkey off our backs. We do not need all money up front, so this will allow those needing to make arrangements and budget adjustments time to take this assessment into account. If you need a receipt aside from your cancelled check, please let a board member know and one will be provided. To those that have already mailed in your payment, thanks for your proactive and positive attitude ahead of the results.

So without further ado, please see below for this year’s election results. Thank you, and good night.

*HOA Board*
Sam Jackson
Adam Baskerville
Marilyn Jennings
Mark Woods
Daniel Martin

*Architectural Control Committee*
Janis Miller
Mark Woods
Daniel Martin

*Special Assessment* 85% yes