Frequently Asked Questions

Published by The Lakes Homeowners Association Architectural Control Committee

We have published this guide in order to answer some of the questions that our residents might have. If you don’t find your answers here contact the Homeowners Association President or any member of our Board Of Directors. Their names and numbers are listed on our internet site, and in the issues of The Lakes Newsletter.

(Please note that this FAQ is meant as a convenient and quick reference guide for homeowners at The Lakes. The answers herein our based on our covenants. This is not a legal document. The final legal reference are The Lakes Covenants and our Homeowners Association By-Laws as filed with Lafayette County, State of Mississippi.)

Mail (3)

No. The Lakes covenants require that you use a “cast aluminum replica” painted black. Cast aluminum mail boxes are not cheap, however they are required by our covenants. For more information visit Better Mailboxes or contact the Homeowners Association.
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Mail service is provided by the U.S. Postal Service Monday through Saturday, except for holidays.

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Look at the location of the mailboxes on your street. On some the Post Office allows them to be on both sides of the road, on others they are supposed to be on the same side. We are not certain why this is so. In any event place your mailbox on the same side as the others on your street, close enough to the road where it can be easily accessed by the mail-person, yet not so close to the road that it presents a hazard to passing traffic.

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