Newk’s Box Lunches

We have the opportunity have Newk’s come to the Lakes and setup a lunch tent to provide $7.00 box lunches. There is a post and voting poll on the Facebook group, but I wanted to make sure everyone in our neighborhood was aware of this.

Below is the text from the post on Facebook below, along with a poll to vote here if you don’t use Facebook.

Good evening all. I was contacted by Liz Pearson the catering Manager with Newk’s in Oxford. “During this difficult time- we are wanting to offer a “set up tent/van” and provide $7.00 box lunches to families at various housing/apartments HOA’s. We have had great success with this in our other markets– so I knew I had to reach out to The Lakes.” This was their offer. I wanted to gauge interest from our community and ensure there were be no issues using the common area by the Gazebo on Lakes Drive North for them to setup. Our family think’s this is really cool offer to have lunches brought to our neighborhood. There is nothing scheduled yet. Let us know what you think?

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