Oxford Weather

Tupelo television Channel 9.1 is our local news and weather site. They have LIVE Tornado coverage given by Certified Weather Meteorologists. This is the most active Tornado coverage you will find. Links are below. Have also provided a link to our local Power provider, so anyone can report an outage directly to them.

Links to local helpful sites

About the Tornado Sirens
Lafayette County EMS provided the following information:

Outdoor warning sirens are located throughout Lafayette County, the City of Oxford and the University of Mississippi campus. Sirens are only activated for two situations: Weekly testing and tornado warnings. Sirens are tested every Wednesday at 11:55 am, for a one minute cycle, weather permitting. The sirens are not tested if it is cloudy, raining, or if severe weather is imminent.

Sirens are activated for a 3 minute cycle only if the National Weather Service has issued a tornado warning that includes some part of Lafayette County. We take great care in only activating sirens that are located within a warning area as designated by the National Weather Service. In most cases a tornado warning will not include the entire county.